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        A precision plate type filter and its application

        2016-08-18    source£º    Author£º  Viewed£º375

        High precision copper strip finishing mill is an important equipment for processing copper strip, which directly affect the quality of products of copper strip. In addition to attention should be paid to the copper strip finishing rolling mill body, machine, machine and control part, the auxiliary system is also very important, copper strip mill process medium filtration system is also critical, it was decided to process medium cleanliness and copper belt and the surface quality of products. In the production of high precision copper strip finishing mill, choose a better filtering system and the application properly to improve the surface quality of essential copper products.

        Precision filter plate equipment composition in order to increase the accuracy of the copper strip surface is smooth, the majority of process medium by using kerosene as base oil of rolling oil or mineral oil, filtering system commonly used precision filter plate. Precision filter plate mainly by the filter box, column, electric lifting device, automatic admission paper device, hanging paper rack, a valve group, high pressure hose, mixing box and the electronic control system composition.

        Filter box with 40mm ~ 50mm thick steel plate welding or aluminum alloy casting, the tempering treatment, and two plane precision milling of paired brush shovel, between the filter box sealed with negative pressure to ensure all joint surface can not have oil. The column uses two 180-200 in diameter and 16mm seamless steel pipe manufacturing, to ensure the filter box and other accessories of the gravity support.

        The electric lifting device comprises a pressing motor and a gear speed reducer, which mainly provide power for the opening and the pressing of the filter box. Automatic feed device using rake paper transport device, change the paper used the non-woven filter paper and filter aid automatic slag, to realize automatic paper. The paper hanging rack is used for storing the non-woven fabric filter paper, and can rotate freely.

        Valve group is mainly for the implementation of the various channels of the valve switch control. The mixing tank is mainly to carry on the uniform mixing and conveying to the filter box. The electric control system adopts PLC programmable controller to the normal operation of the filter and the entire process control program for paper.

        Plate type filter in the production application of finishing mill in the normal course of rolling, rolling oil in lubrication cooling of the roller and strip, working conditions are very bad, rolling oil moment withstand hundreds of tons of rolling pressure and temperature of 300 DEG C to 500 DEG C. Rolling oil under the condition of partial oxidation, carbonization phenomenon. In addition, in the rolling process of some copper powder, iron powder, plate and frame filter, diatomite filter, plate and frame filter, precision plate type filter

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