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        New [gray board] to give priority to the characteristics of the public

        2016-08-18    source£º    Author£º  Viewed£º1056

        Gray cardboard wide range of uses, the price is also easy to accept, so very popular in the market, the gray board contains a double gray cardboard, gray cardboard, single gray cardboard, and its characteristics are:

        1 gray cardboard high strength, the appearance is smooth, not easy to deformation

        The gray cardboard sandwich structure is similar to isotropic, structural stability is good, not easy to deformation, its outstanding compression ability and bending ability is the most important characteristic of the box type packaging material demand.

        2 gray cardboard light weight, less materials, low cost

        Compared with other types of plate structure, the structure of the gray paperboard has the greatest strength / mass ratio, so the function of the finished product is better than that of the honeycomb paper.

        3, gray cardboard without pollution, fit the trend of modern environmental protection, sound absorption, thermal insulation

        Inside the gray cardboard sandwich structure for closing the chamber, which is filled with air, thus having excellent sound insulation function.

        4, gray cardboard impact resistance, good cushioning

        Composite paperboard by flexible core paper and tissue paper made with good tolerance and resilience, common honeycomb sandwich structure provides excellent buffering function.

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