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        Weaving method of cloth and filtration properties

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        Weaving method

        Plain weave (a): plain weave cloth weaving method is to float on the top of each warp alternately each weft, and then sink to another warp, woven into cloth in the absence of deformation geometry, mesh was positively: square or rectangle, pore size by the root of the number of line diameter or single line length serine defined.

        Twill (b): twill weave cloth weaving method is each weft alternately floating in the above two warp, then sank under the two warp and cloth of the geometric deformation of. When the fabric warp and weft with long filament, irregular mesh.

        Satin weave (c): satin weave cloth weaving method is a weft or warp floating on top of a plurality of warp and weft), and then sink to a warp or weft), alternately in this way.

        Filtration performance:

        Filtrate: plain twill cloth cloth transparency > > > type cloth nonwoven cloth satin;

        The filtration rate: plain cloth twill satin cloth cloth < < < type of nonwoven cloth;

        Moisture content of filter cake: plain twill satin cloth cloth cloth > > > type nonwoven cloth;

        Cake discharge performance: non-woven cloth plain cloth class < < < the satin twill cloth cloth;

        Life: non-woven cloth cloth type cloth plain cloth < < < satin twill cloth;

        Regeneration performance: satin twill cloth plain cloth cloth > > > type nonwoven cloth.

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