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        Summary of filter paper

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        Filtering techniques commonly used filter media - filter all kinds of specialty paper and paperboard, their characteristics is: mechanical withstand strong, loose and porous structure, chemical inertness higher, permeability is very good. The filter paper can withstand the impact of gas or liquid, and the contact with it will not have any effect. At the same time, it can also ensure that the gas or liquid to pass through, the resistance is very small, high separation efficiency.

        The filtration of special paper is generally relatively large, quantitative in 300g / m2 less and less thickness (1.Omm). Can be processed into various shapes of the filter, and filter to use. Special filter cardboard quantitative in more than 300 g / m2, thickness (mm) of, processed into the desired size, and plate and frame filter matching use. In the manufacturing process of the filter special paper (and paperboard) must be resolved: the paper sheet strength (tensile strength, bursting strength) and filtration performance (pore size, filtration time) these two conflicting issues.

        According to the different objects. Generally there are two types of filter gas and filter liquid. Gas filter bag containing the gas is: (1) the dust gas, namely factory combustion exhaust gas, exhaust; (2) gas sol, including bacteria, poison gas, lead smoke aerosol; (3) radioactive gases, which contain natural or artificial radioactive dust gas; (4) of radioactive air, which contain radioactive iodine, radon, xenon gas. Filter liquid package contains the liquid is: (1) oil, that is, fuel oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, etc.; (2) water class, that is, water solution, water emulsion, etc.; (3) organic solvents, namely, benzene, xylene and other solutions.

        The raw materials and auxiliary materials required for producing the filter special paper (and paperboard) are: glass fiber, synthetic fiber, plant fiber, active carbon fiber, etc.. The filler added titanium dioxide, diatomite, perlite, wet strength agent, molecular sieve, ion exchange resin and so on.

        2 ultra fine glass fiber filter paper

        Ultra fine glass fiber filter paper (glass fiber filterpapeO uhra-frine is a kind of new high technology products in the filter paper. And with plant fiber as raw material papermaking ordinary filter paper is not the same, it is with ultra-fine glass fiber and processed and made of special paper. Its filtering efficiency is higher than (99.99999 - 99.9)%, the filtering precision is achieved (1 - 5) M. Mainly used in the purification of air, and thus by the electronic, medical, defense and other departments of the attention. In clean rooms, gas masks, cleaning work, and many other aspects of the need for a high degree of cleanliness of the environment, and this paper is one of the important material of the filter air and purification methods.

        Glass fiber generally has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good chemical stability and other characteristics. In addition, it is a white, crisp, high density (1.62 times more than cellulose), the surface is smooth and so on. And superfine glass fiber in addition to the fiber diameter, containing about (2-5)% of coarse material and slag ball, there is no other impurities, do not need to wash water, can directly enter the beating process. Because of the large fragmentation of the ultra-fine glass fiber, easy to sink in water, but also the weaving force is poor, so it is necessary to carry out the "strengthening" processing. Usually have the following kinds of reinforcing method: (1) add the right amount of the pulp. Because after beating plant fiber added to improve the each other of the blended space, so as to be able to in the Fourdrinier machine smooth papermaking, the quality of the products can meet the requirements. (2) acid acidification. To the ultrafine glass fiber suspension, adding hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid, adjust the pH value of 3.0~3.5, so that the suspension of the fiber dispersion, and can produce a kind of adhesion, so that the paper page of the enhancement effect is improved obviously. (3) adding reinforcing agent. The paper's reinforcing agent is more, such as cationic polyacrylamide (CPAM), polyvinyl acetate, acrylonitrile and butyl acrylate polymer. The choice of reinforcing agent and adding quantity should be determined according to the requirements of the product. General dosage is (1 ~ 2)%. (4) impregnation treatment. If the above three methods is not up to the expected effect, then take glue (respectively, adhesive, glue 202, chlorine vinegar resin aqueous emulsion, polyvinyl alcohol water solution) impregnation method, also can increase paper strength (resistance to strong growth reached 100% to 300%). However, the maximum pore size has declined, the air resistance has increased, the filtration efficiency has been reduced, but the total demand is still applicable.

        The diameter of the particles exist in a variety of natural gas is very small, such as fly ash 1 ~ 2, the pollen 2O ~ 3O, dust o.1 ~ 2O and bacterial 0.3 ~ 3, lampblack O.O3 ~ 1, tobacco smoke O.O1 ~ 1, the virus O.O2 to O.O5, radioactive dust 0.003 ~ 0.01 8, radon radioactive particles 0.001 ~ 0.04 (1:2 m). If the plant fiber filter paper, the filtration efficiency is (16 ~ 87)%, the best transmission rate is 13%. The filtration efficiency of ultra fine glass fiber filter paper is 99.99995%, the transmission rate is 0.00005%. In contrast, this means that if the filter contains 1 million dust (particles) of gas, through the former of the particles up to 1 million 300 thousand, and through the latter only 5 particles. It can be seen that the filtration efficiency of ultra fine glass fiber filter paper is very prominent.

        In the manufacturing process, glass fiber need not beating, only needs to carry on the dispersion and papermaking also do not need to press, it is relatively simple. However, it is because the glass fiber is slender, the length and width ratio is big, and the fiber surface has charge. The fiber is easy to be entangled with each other, and the possibility of producing the phenomenon of fiber flocculation has been greatly increased.

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