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        Product Knowledge

        Product Knowledge

        Glass fiber filter paper is a kind of glass fiber filter paper

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        The filter paper is an effective filter medium, and the filter paper has been widely used in various fields. According to the different kinds of filter paper fiber constituent, properties, applications of filter paper are not the same, for the occasion of an ordinary filter paper, used for high temperature glass fiber filter, also have super net with polypropylene filter paper.

        Glass fiber filter paper is a kind of glass fiber filter paper. Fiber thickness ingenious combination with particularly good load capacity, fast flow and retention of small particles. These characteristics make glass fiber filter has become a need to extend the lifespan of the filter in a variety of applications, the best choice, for example to do pre filter membrane. Basic knowledge of glass fiber filter paper.

        1, glass fiber filter paper into the wind surface with a rough fiber, out of the wind surface with a fine fiber, the high density of the double layer filter can effectively intercept dust particles.

        2, compared with the diameter of the fiber, coarse filtration performance. In the filter process, the fiber is the obstacle to intercept dust. Fine fiber, the number of fibers per unit volume is more; fiber and more, filtration efficiency is high.

        3, the air flow around the fiber motion to generate energy consumption, performance for the resistance of the fiber to the airflow. Two filter efficiency of the same material, coarse fiber resistance, fine fiber resistance is small.

        The glass fiber filter paper has the characteristics of good isotropic, uniform pore size distribution, small quantity, heat resistance, flame resistance, water resistance and large amount of pollution. The glass fiber filter paper can be used for making the frame type filter and the folding filter element, and can effectively filter the gas, the inorganic solution and the oil liquid.

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