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        Product Knowledge

        Product Knowledge

        The superior performance of the filter paper is reflected in what areas

        2016-08-18    source£º    Author£º  Viewed£º366

        We Sanmu precision filter filter paper Co., Ltd. is the production of a filter, precision filter paper nonwoven materials are widely used in emulsion liquid filtration, cutting liquid filtering, cooling liquid filtering, grinding liquid filtration, wire drawing oil filter, rolling oil filter, electroplating liquid filtration, grinding oil filter, insulation oil filter and filtering in the field.

        The following to talk about the superior characteristics of filter paper:

        1, cloth uniform: the polyester fiber and polymer materials combination, and hot pressing process of weaving, surface area and pore size distribution and high filtration efficiency.

        2, high tensile strength, soaking resistance is good, the selection of filter paper material can withstand the impact of a filtration equipment of mechanical force and temperature, the wet breaking strength is not reduced, able to adapt to the requirements of the flat bed tape filter, vacuum filter, deep bed tape filter and the drum filter, such as the various kinds of filtering equipment in use.

        3, the chemical stability of the grinding fluid is good, using imported fiber manufacturing, does not contain any curing agent, no effect on the chemical properties of grinding fluid. Can be in the range of -40 C ~120 C for a long time to stabilize the use of.

        4, high filter precision, can improve the service life of grinding wheel, improve product surface quality, reduce the cost.

        5, the functional fiber, good hydrophilic effect, small filtration resistance, which can meet the requirements of high filtration flux, let dirty ability strong, prolong the service life, equal filter precision requirements, filter paper low dosage, reduce cost of filtration.

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