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        Product Knowledge

        What is the function of the filter paper used in the spray painting room

        2016-08-18    source£º    Author£º  Viewed£º411

        As an effective filter media, filter paper has been widely used in various fields. According to the different kinds of filter paper fiber constituent, properties, applications of filter paper are not the same, for the occasion of an ordinary filter paper, used for high temperature glass fiber filter, also have super net with polypropylene filter paper. Precision filter paper has good filtration absorption properties, compressive strength is higher, the applicable scope of the filter: petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, industrial oil, etc., industrial organic suspended turbid liquid. In the separation of solid, semi solid debris. Such as matching filter press filtering machine transformer oil, turbine oil, dissolved melting fat paraffin wax, synthetic resin, sebacic acid dioctyl ester and other organic liquid.

        Today, let's look at the features of the filter paper used in the field of spray painting:

        1, alternative paint room at the bottom of the cotton, can replace thousands of filtering spray cabinet with filtering cotton can be equipped with V shape filter paper dry priming paint filtration system to replace the drencher cabinets.

        2, V type slot design, the use of centrifugal principle, to ensure a better filtering of paint mist.

        3, filter paper can meet the horizontal or vertical direction of the filter.

        4, even if the amount of paint containing filter paper close to saturation, can ensure the intensity of ventilation.

        5, filter paper with strong hardness

        6, fully automated production to ensure the quality of filter paper.

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