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        Product Knowledge

        Product Knowledge

        The function principle of the function of the filter paper is embodied in what aspects

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        Home decoration can not be separated from the walls, paint must be used to paint the walls. We all know that the paint contains benzene, formaldehyde and other pollutants, there are a number of irritating odor substances. The appearance of the paint filter paper can effectively weaken the smell, make the decoration environment more comfortable and more environmentally friendly. So, paint filter paper the role of the principle of specific uses and what? Look at it together.

        The paint filter paper has a certain to prevent the filter system from being damaged by harmful particles, at the same time, it can also allow enough fluid to pass through the filter, so as to avoid producing holes in the pump, the work cylinder and the combustion chamber. The action mechanism of the paint filter paper is as follows:

        1 direct capture or interception

        In this process, some people mistakenly believe that it is the only reason for the formation of filtering, that dirt particles are blocked in the inflow surface or in the maze because they are larger than the size of the reason, in fact, is not.

        2 adsorption

        When the fluid is filtered through a maze, although the diameter of some particles smaller than many, but in the electrostatic attraction of the role of these small particles adsorbed to the filter paper. Therefore, there are some material in the manufacturing process and the electrostatic.

        3 impact into

        In this process, because of the relationship between the velocity of the particles directly into the surface of the fiber filter rather than stay in the filter pore, and adsorption force and the fluid flow force is maintained in the above and therefore stop some of the smaller particles.

        4 filter agglomeration

        With the dirt particles on the filter paper on the surface of continuous accumulation and its formation of a filter layer, therefore in the pores between the large particles capture smaller particles, along with the continuing increase in particle, resistance continued to successive and until all blocked or reached pressure difference.

        Paint filter paper to paint mist in the role of air flow, filtering paint mist and odor, non-toxic and tasteless net wind exhaust to the atmosphere, so that the paint workplace environment to improve. Can effectively absorb over the range of spraying, forced over the flow of jet flow multiple times, so that the particles are heavier than the air with the air and was taken away

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