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        Product Knowledge

        Product Knowledge

        Oil filter is not suitable for water filtration or other inorganic liquid suspension

        2016-08-18    source£º    Author£º  Viewed£º401

        Oil filter has good filtration and absorption properties and compressive strength, does not apply to water filtration or other inorganic liquid suspension, suitable for filtering oil, chemical products and industrial oil industrial organic suspended emulsion, to the separation of solid, semi solid debris. After the oil filter paper filter for a period of time, the paper will have a lot of impurities and moisture, this time need to replace the oil filter paper. The number of replacement should vary with the oil quality, for mild dirty oil, the replacement frequency is not too big. Heavy oil and dirt, you can put a slight increase in the frequency of replacement.

        Oil filter paper used in transformer oil, turbine oil, mechanical oil, diesel oil filtering, refinery refining lubricating oil, Vaseline filter; regeneration of waste oil filter, insulation paint, dyestuff, drinks and fine chemical filtration. If the filter is not oil filter clogging impurities, resulting in machine operation, you must stop the filter change. And in the initial filter, each filter paper to replace it, then you just need to replace one can. You can take out a piece of paper on the oil side, and then add a new one. This can make full use of each filter. Can be dried to remove moisture has been removed after the use of water to continue to use.

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