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        Product Knowledge

        Product Knowledge

        Precision filter paper is widely used in all walks of life

        2016-08-18    source£º    Author£º  Viewed£º459

        Filter paper is an effective filtering medium, which has been widely used in various fields. Precision filter paper with cotton linter as raw material, has good filtering performance of absorption, high compressive strength.

        The precision filter paper produced by pure refined cotton pulp has been widely used in these fields:

        1: the regeneration of waste oil, refined oil decomposition.

        2 Purification: precision machinery oil, instrument oil, all kinds of lubricating oil, transformer oil, Vaseline.

        3 decomposition: chemical products, reagents, solvents, plating solution, dyes, insulation paint

        4: cleaning liquid, liquid beverage, wine

        5 precision filter paper can filter the animal / vegetable oil, edible oil harmful substances.

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