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        Welcome Liaocheng Hongjia filter paperboard Co. Ltd. official website!


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        Liaocheng Hongjia filter board Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000. Company has strong technical strength, with advanced professional papermaking equipment and unique papermaking process, in terms of special filter series products R &amp; D and production made great progress and development, has been awarded "the contract and trustworthy enterprise", "product quality trust too units" and other honorary titles.

        Company to research and development and production of oil filter paper. In recent years, have research and development production of 270g oil filter paper, filter paper plating, 170g wrinkled filter paper special paper products, the products comply with international standards, is widely used in the scientific research and the chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive, agriculture, environmental protection and other industry, selling domestic and foreign markets. The series oil filter paper with cotton linter, imports of wood pulp as raw material is made, has good filtering and absorbing performance, high compressive strength, even paper, wet excellent strength, high filtration precision, service life is more than double the general oil filter paper, and it is widely used in power plant, chemical plant, refinery, petroleum chemical industry, smelting factory, transformer factory. Such as filter transformer oil, turbine oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, oil, dissolved and melted paraffin, oil analog synthetic resin, sunflower acid, two spice and other organic liquids, as well as filtration liquid, plating liquid impurities, moisture. The pH was neutral, strong water absorption, its role is to filter cloth and the filter cannot be replaced, the use effect is very significant.

        The Company GB oil filter paper and special large and small,, round, thick and thin of various specifications of precision over paper products; also can be based on the use of units of production requirements quantitatively different, different specifications of the products.

        Companies in the provision of standard products, based on the customer's special needs to be more oriented to the need for custom processing. Welcome the vast number of buyers calls to negotiate, we sincerely look forward to working with you for your cooperation.