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        Welcome Liaocheng Hongjia filter paperboard Co. Ltd. official website!


        Aobut Us

        Company Advantages

        SO9001 international quality system certification

        Company through the ISO9001 international quality system certification, with well-designed experimental equipment, making the sampling inspection specification inspection specification of raw materials, batching process semi-finished products sampling inspection specification, product factory; strict control of raw materials into the plant, production process and product factory part inspection, influence the quality of the products of each ring section of the implementation of effective control, strict management, to ensure that each batch of products qualified factory.

        Raw material source protection

        All sources of raw materials are products for well-known enterprises in the industry, in the strict to purchase quality at the same time, with suppliers to establish a long-term and stable relationship between supply and demand, and in the source of products to eliminate the problem of product quality

        Production quality control system

        In the company's development process, through continuous learning, exploration, to develop a clear, systematic, strict production quality control system and rules and regulations. From the production plan to start to product factory, each link in the implementation of special, clear quality responsibility at all levels, the establishment of evaluation system, to ensure product quality and orderly control, strict product quality